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Re: MY Top 10 2021

I agree. 2021 was an outstanding year for prog. 2022 is also shaping up to be a great year. Here are some of my favorites from 2021...

Agusa - En Annan Varld
Ashes in Sapphire - From Twilight to Lightig
Big Big Train - Common Ground
Blacksmith Tales - The Dark Presence
Cast - Vigesimus
Chromatic Aberration - The Trial of the King
Ciccada - Harvest
Cirkus - Page 12 on the Right
Crack The Sky - Tribes
Department of Revenge - Shut Up And Pay The Bill
Dreadnaught - Northern Burner
Evership - The Uncrowned King Act 1
Frost - Day And Age
Fufluns - Refuses
Galaad - Paradis Posthumes
Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - Flirting with Chaos
Glass Hammer - Skallagrim - Into The Breach
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - G_d's Pee at State's End!
Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion - We Are The Truth
John Holden - Circles in Time
Jordso - Pastoralia
JPL - Sapiens Chapitre 2-3 Deus ex Machina
K'Mono - Return To The 'E'
Kerry Livgren - The Resurrection of Lazarus
Legacy Pilots - The Penrose Triangle
Liquid Tension Experiment - LTE3
Meer - Playing House
Mind Furniture - An Illustrated Map Of The Heart
Nad Sylvan - Spiritus Mundi
Nine Skies - 5.20
Noisy Diners - The Princess of the Allen Keys (The History of Manto)
Perfect Storm - No Air
Permian Incident - All The Things No Tomorrow Brings
Red Sand - The Sound of thr Seventh Bell
Relayer - Broken Branches
Resistor - The 5th Season
Shamblemaths - Shamblemaths 2
Ske - Insolubilia
Steve Hackett - Surrender of Silence
Styx - Crash Of The Crown
Sylvan - One To Zero
The Neal Morse Band - Innocence & Danger
The Samurai of Prog - The Lady And The Lion
The Samurai of Prog - The White Snake and other Grimm Tales II
Tillison Reingold Tiranti - Allium: Una Storia
Time Traveller - Chapters V & VI
Transatlantic - The Absolute Universe - Forevermore
Umphrey's McGee - You Walked Up Shaking In Your Boots But You Stood Tall And Left A Raging Bull
Various Artists - Animals Reimagined - A Tribute To Pink Floyd
Various Artists - Still Wish You Were Here - A Tribute to Pink Floyd
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