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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

IQ EVENT ended

a beautiful formula to live with preshow and chat rooms
with IQ unreleased concert of Subterranea Live 2011 version
higher than the previous ones released on 1997 and 2000 albums
with a Neil Durant who has just joined the group and who
immediately proves that he will be of great help to Holmes
for the following years ... 2 hours and 10 minutes of concert
with 3 encores and then ... "See you in the bar!" another
30 minutes of chat room with IQ ... with a loud request to
release the concert on Bluray or DVD. however to my surprise
this morning I reconnected with the link and found the over
3 hours of the video of the event still viewable and from
the IQ website I read that it will be left visible for a limited time
... so I invite those who do not have it seen live taking
advantage of this Christmas gift from IQ


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