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Re: Help......please!!! how is it going?

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
All of this back and forth is quite fascinating about the browsers (note tongue firmly planted in cheek), but Keith is your problem fixed? There's been some suggestions and we haven't heard from you.

Wish I was able to help. I'm just wallowing away happily on my pc
Thanks it isn't fixed yet. I tried the idea from Hill and Dale but that didn't work. I got a little fed up when the thread got "hijacked" into a Mac vs PC deal but then I just laughed because that's really the norm here and I'm as guilty of that as everyone and long may it continue.

My good friend jtm came up with what I think is the best idea and I'm going to try that now.

I can still log in OK and shout and request AND the page works as near as damn it OK in IE but I want to use Firefox as it used to work better did all the other sites I use frequently like Prog Ears.

Be back later.
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