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Re: Error while trying to log into auralmoon - what this mean ?

Hello VAXman,

Yesterday it happened and today it happened again.
Trying to access the main page sometimes it works sometimes it dont work, it happens everytime i fisrt log into windows, it loads the auralmoon favicon but fails very quickly to load the page, the error messages in the page are in portuguese but its that default error message "couldnt connect, check your internet". So if i enter auralmoon´s IP in the address bar page loads but fails at the login returning me this: (i know its forum in the address bar on this image but happens the same for the main page)
The interesting part is that i can load normaly any page on my computer but not auralmoon and if i try to load auralmoon in another computer in the LAN it just works.
For now i added the auralmoon IP on the windows system file 'hosts' setting directly the alias for the main page.
So its very strange what is happening and i cant realy understand but now its fine, i can load page after added AM to the file 'hosts'.
Im posting this as you asked, but really cant find any sense in what is happening.

Thanks for the attention
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