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Re: Music needed for specific shows

Originally Posted by ramsgate View Post
it is the season of the witch by Donavon
I have it.
Originally Posted by meissa View Post
I'm feeling witchy.

Burn the witch - Queens of the Stone Age
I'd rather be burned as a witch - Eartha Kitt
She's my witch - Kip Tyler
(I have all three)

Sippin' in Seattle Latte Land (I have it too)
Send them on.
Originally Posted by mrwickey View Post
Christmas...Jethro Tull, Christmas Song, Shawn Phillips , Christmas Song
Halloween, RHPS (Rocky Horror), Time Warp,
Thanksgiving...John Wesley, Thanksgiving Song, Carbon Leaf, The War Was in Color
Send them on, but I think the Tull is on AM, right?
Feels like I'm fiddling while Rome is burning down.
Think I'll lay my fiddle down, take a rifle from the ground!
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