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Re: Welcome! Post App Comments/Questions in this forum!

Well done, sir. It's trim and simple in terms of the app and streaming the station. I liked the instant on when opening the app, so making it a setting choice keeps me happy.
I had rather hoped a new chat feature would have been included without having to directly connect to the web page. My iPhone 5 screen is hard to try to interface with on the website. I did just order an iPhone XR so that should help some. But still, the website interface feels old and tired. The same could be said for the request page too. That said, I'm not sure if that's a function of the app or the site. And please, I am not disparaging anyone's work on our site as I know how intricate it is to have all sides of the site come together in one package. Everyone has done it brilliantly. But let's just say things have changed in the 12+ years since the site was built and perhaps we need to cover up some of our gray hair.

One thing I love about the app is how little power it uses. When I used Tune-In it would pull the battery down about 4% for every 10 minutes of music played. I can now play the station for over 30 minutes and barely lose 5%. That's a big improvement for a streaming app. Thank you.

I love the big album art. Much easier to read the titles and Artist info.

Thank you again, Avian, for developing this app.

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