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Re: 2020 Top Ten

OK, so in my opinion 2020 was an incredible year of progressive rock music. Normally in years past I have been able to narrow my selections down to a top 10 and in order of favorite, but this year I cannot select only 10, so I am giving a top 20 and in no specific order as on any day of the week the order could change. These particular selections are the ones that have had the most play time for me in 2020. I still have quite a few releases that are on my to listen list, so I might have to make additions to this list at some point down the road, but for now here is my top 20 list in no particular order...

Arabs In Aspic - Madness And Magic
Glass Hammer - Dreaming City
Swappers Eleven - From A Distance
Karfagen - Birds of Passage
Pattern-Seeking Animals - Prehensile Tales
The Samurai Of Prog - Bernard And Porsti - Gulliver
The Samurai Of Prog - Bernard And Porsti - La Tierra
The Samurai Of Prog - Beyond The Wardrobe
Wishbone Ash - Coat of Arms
JPL - Sapiens Chapitre 1-3 - Exordium
The Pineapple Thief - Versions of the Truth
Neal Morse - Sola Gratia
The Tangent - Auto Reconnaissance
Gungfly - Alone Together
The Flower Kings - Islands
Legacy Pilots - Aviation
La Maschera Di Cera - S.E.I.
Mad Crayon - Drops
Darwin - Darwin 2: A Frozen War
Red Sand - Crush The Seed
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