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AM on WP7

Got Windows Phone 7? Just got mine today. Verizon finally released a WP7 phone after months of rumors...

...only to find that WP7 can't play AM's PLS playlist format natively. Actually, not a huge surprise; WMP can't either. But Internet Radio Tuner, available from the WP Marketplace for $1.50-ish US, works great with the free and patron streams. (For patron stream, type the URL Vaxman posted in the Patron forum.)

Sadly, AM is too often ABM, it seems, but thought the info might be helpful to those who find WP7 is a BRILLIANT product, albeit years overdue.

While on the subject of living with .PLS, in case no one's posted it before, you can listen to AM in Windows Media Player without having to install the bloated, bug-ridden, Winamp. Use Yes, it's ugly (opens a command prompt window briefly on the way to opening AM), but it works well.
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