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Quick Update.

The Marillion Weekend is over. 'Twas fantastic. Over 800 photos and many are superb (as many who have seen them have told me). I think they could be better but this was a learning experience with a new camera and lens. They are what they are and I'll post them as soon as I can find some decent high speed internet. My guess, however, is that I may need to wait until I am home since I have many several GBs of photos.

I am presently sitting in Jam's "studio". Got some pix of that too.

Jam is now driving my wife, son and daughter to a local hotel. He can't fit all of us into his car at one time so he is making two trips. Both he and Laxmi have been very gracious seeing as how we dropped in virtually unannounced as my daughter talked away all of our mobile minutes and didn't inform us until we were well enroute to pay a call on Jam.

Daughter (bwitch) has been a royal PITA. She is begging to have us send her home early. She just doesn't understand that changing the flight arrangements we presently have is going to be difficult. Personally, I wish she would have simply stayed home and destroyed the house with some teen party bash than to tag along. Made my first eve of the Marllion Weekend less than enjoyable and that was the gig were Marbles was to be played in its entirety. She has to sometime realize that paybacks are a bitch.

Anyway, don't want to depress you with my woes. Just wanted to say where things stand in the trip.
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