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VAXman reporting

It's half 8 in the morning and I'm sitting here in the Coffee Republic shoppe on St. George's Street in Oxford awaiting the opening of the Jessops Photo Shoppe just down the street.

Had a blast during the Marillion weekend. Took some 800 pix and even managed to get the band to give us a photo pass for the Sunday night so Martha and I sat in the photo pit in front of the rail. Beat the shit outta queueing in the cold for hours hoping to get a front row vantage point. Made many new friends from around the world and event ran into a few old friends like the fellow from Cyprus that we met at the Astoria gigs in July.

We left on Monday headed south and east to visit Jam and Laxmi. On the way from Butlins to Taunton where we were to get our train, the coach broke down. That threw the proverbial wrench into the works. Anyway, by the time we reached Romsey (where Jam&Laxmi reside) it was about 6 in the evening. Jam found us lodging at a very nice hotel/B&B and went out of the way to accomodate us considering that the brats were most definitely on their VERY WORST behaviour. We went to dinner at an Indian Restaurant (Naz) and, in keeping with their bad form, the brats were completely disrespectful and rude. Very embarrassing. So much so that I called and changed the bwitch's flight to send her home early.

Laxmi went to work on Tuesday and Jam showed us about Romsey.
When Laxmi returned from work, we walked to the train station and bid them farewell. Off to Oxford.

We've spent 3 nights here in Oxford taking day trips out (Blenheim Palace, Windsor Palace,etc.). We also put the bwitch on the train back to London from here so she could go home.

That's it up to the minute. Off to London and hope to meet up with Keith (and Pam???) this evening. The other 3 bratties can spend the evening in their hotel room since there's not much they can do if they tag along. These brits are smart about one thing: no little bastards allowed in the pubs. Makes them (the pubs) such nice places to hide.

In addition, it looks like I lost yet another CPU fan on my main server. Looks like the environmental monitor shut it down. No way to update with pix until I get back home.
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