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It was great to see Vax and Martha again and to meet the µVaxes...

It's funny (peculiar) that meeting people from here one just seems to fall into conversation - no awkward silences or "this person isn't what I expected" ... great!!!! ...

µbrats? .... hrm... I suppose that teenagers are teenagers .. this seems to be quite universal ... (at least in the countries I've visited)... and Kevin was lots of fun (P.S. we've got his self-made-map if he wonders where it is - in case of persistent request it could be scanned and sent )

... will be looking forward to a more pub/gig oriented meeting sometime in the future though

Sadly, can't make the London meeting tonight - Laxmi is away visiting her sis and I'm not in a position to get into town ..

Good luck, happy travelling and look forward to the next moonie-meeting..
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