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Re: VAXman reporting

Originally posted by VAXman
Off to London and hope to meet up with Keith (and Pam???) this evening. The other 3 bratties can spend the evening in their hotel room since there's not much they can do if they tag along.
Met up with VAX, Martha and their 3 boys last night and had a great time. I arrived at their Hotel and parked my bum in a chair in the piano bar. Ordered myself a large glass of Fleurie (delicious!!) and chatted to the very pretty piano player. I was just about to ask her for her phone number when I remembered that it was the VAXites I was visiting so I called and within minutes they arrived.

It was great to see them again and just as good to meet the lads. Kevin seems to be really interested in vacuum cleaners and maps . He is definitely well on the way to being a proghead

After a few rounds we headed off to a pub and had a meal of Bangers and Mash washed down with copious amounts of the Black Nectar. I had to do my impression of a London Underground station announcer for Kevin. He seemed to enjoy that but the people on the next table kept looking at me as if I had three heads. Some of us brits have no sense of humour it seems.

More Guiness flowed and Kevin got tired so Martha took the boys back to the hotel and joined us again later. VAX and I decided that the (c)Rap music was doing our brains in so when Martha got back we headed off to another, quieter, pub. Much better!!!! More Nigerian Lager flowed and much laughter. It's amazing how people can get on. I love it.

Walked the pair of them back to the hotel and decided that "the road" wanted another drink. Ordered a couple of pints and another Fleurie for me but Martha didn't get to drink hers as son Christopher decided that he was going to have it.

Everyone was a little tired by now so we decided to call it a day. VAX, Christopher and Martha went up to their room and I staggered over to Victoria station and got a taxi home.

Just want to say "Thanks" to VAX, Martha and the lads. I had a great evening and I look forward to seeing you all again. Bless you.
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