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Re: Humbly asking for some help

Thank you so much to everyone who has stepped up! Things are looking good at the moment. Since I posted originally, I had two phone interviews for two separate positions that went well. One of those they fear I'm over qualified (I am, but I believe there is huge growth potential at the company), so that may be dead; the other I've spoken with both HR and the hiring manager, and now they want me to talk to the Regional Sales Director, so I think I am the preferred candidate there. I also have found two other positions, one I had applied for and heard nothing, but this morning discovered my roommate has a friend who works at the company, so I may have a better "in" there. Finally, a former employee of mine is working at a place that is hiring, and today submitted my resume for a position along with a recommendation. I am feeling much more hopeful now, I was truly afraid it would be much harder to find opportunities.
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