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Re: Humbly asking for some help

Originally Posted by dnsrees View Post
Hey Jim.

What is the monthly outlay to keep Aural Moon afloat?
$350 for the streaming bandwidth. Thanks to Vaxman's generosity, there is no bill for me for maintaining the website. Much of the music added are promos from bands/labels but I do buy downloads (legal only of course) when necessary - maybe another $50, I've always been a music collector so don't track that. At some point in the future, we are likely going to have to do a capital outlay for a new virtual machine - but that would be a one time expense. Likewise, there are various software tools (mp3 tagging, VNC to remotely access the station, etc) that are mostly free/shareware, but I've always tried to make appropriate donations to the creators dependent on how much value it adds.

I willingly spend my time (a LOT) on Aural Moon, said time is, of course, not compensated.

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