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Re: Humbly asking for some help

.... This time I don't agree with Dnsrees,
I consider the current formula of Aural Moon the best ...
in the sense that I really appreciate the community spirit
of people who have the same musical passion and want to share it
by contributing to the management of the site with quotas
from the minimum to higher quotas according to one's own possibilities,
always remaining in the freedom to contribute ...
Aural Moon has also made a very important choice
which is to give up advertising which is a choice difficult
and at the same time winning because it allows you to have
full freedom of management and in these times where everything
is conditioned it becomes a value not to be missed.
therefore the fact of creating a sort of subscription as if it
were netfix or sky does not fascinate me at all ...
in the forum I had read in a post a few years ago
always on this topic of a proposal by Vaxman to charge requests
with quotas of cents and if the request for the same song
was repeated the quota increased ...
even here it did not seem to me a valid form of financing
in the sense that the requests would decrease
and Aural Moon would simply become a radio as there are many
and then the requests are already few today and
made by very few listeners and I never understood why.
so the conclusion is that those who regularly attend Aural Moon
should understand that if they want this happy island
to continue to exist they must also contribute
with at least minimum quotas
and those who already contribute
if they can increase the quota
and then Jim should help us understand in what percentage
the full amount of the management of Aural Moon is covered.

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