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Re: 2021 Work in Progress..ive

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Hi friends

2021 Work in Progress..ive

The best tracks in 2021 as the new albums come out

only one track per group or artist ...

which can change over the 12 months and which can also

be replaced from better tracks than other artists

at the end of the year it will be easier to create

your own favorite playlist

participation is welcome ...

positive things always arise from confrontation

These are my first best tracks of 2021

Track Title-Group or Artist-Album

The Pilgrim Suite - Andrew Stone -The Pilgrim

Discworld - Projector - Glass Kites -Glass Kites II

The Trial of the King - Chromatic Aberration -The Trial of the King

A Future with No Colour - Sithu Aye -Senpai III

4Th Dimension - ProAge -Wymiar


When in December I looked at the January releases and
noticed that there were two albums, one by Steven Wilson
and one by Steve Hackett I thought that surely I would find
2 tracks to be included in Work in Progress..ive 2021 .... and
instead with all the good will I did not succeed ....
Steve Hackett: repetitive classical guitar and background
of symphonic music ... Steven Wilson: if I had to classify
this album from 1 to 10 .... we would need negative numbers.
definitely the worst of his career ...
Steven Wilson likes to experiment .. his first solo career ...
the adventure with the porcupine tree and the new sounds
after leaving Porcupine are all things that they did very well ....
now we hope he understands that he has entered
a dead end street ....
unless he aims to win some popular song festival or
this summer he intends to enter the playlist of some disco .....

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