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Moonies Meeting Moonies

Here is a collection of some pix of me with other moonies. It has been a real pleasure to meet face to face with many of the people on the moon. I've also met Steve (Caylx1) and Dave (Dekhands) but I have no pix with either of these moonies.

Martha, Keith (KeithieW) behind her, myself (VAXman), Ian (JamForte) and Laxmi at the 100 Club in London after the Groundhogs show.

Myself with Rick (RickandRoll) at the ROSfest stage after RPWL.

Myself, Peter (RogorMortis), Ian (JamForte) and Keith (KeithieW) at the YES gig in Braintree, UK.

Myself, Peter (RogorMortis), Ian (JamForte),Keith (KeithieW), Laxmi and Martha in from of the stage at the YES gig in Braintree.
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