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Re: DRH.166 - L Is for Lyre

Ohh, you choose Heio of Lilienthal! It has a very dificult and old text probably written in a middle low german dialect. One day years ago i begun to translate cause when i discovered it i told myself: "what a beautiful melody!, i will need to know what it says soon or later". I wrote to Wolfgang Beisert member of the group but he said me he really didn't can help me with translation and a "good luck" to try it
I got to translate only two stanzas to a modern german and after to English. Heio is only a word to express the sound "heio", i can't find a concrete meaning. The rest of the liric reproduce a medieval scene of marriadge between a man and a woman interchanging a jewel, flowers and promises.
The last third stanza seems to be dealing with union on celebration and saying "if I might give you an advice, don't hesitate but live your life". it's resisted to me a little and i asked to Lotus for a little help. He's not here now and I hope he is well. Greetings Mond Lotus! )

Thanks, yess. You've rescated for a minutes a very lost musical folkrelic.
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