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Re: Desolation

For those who want to learn more
about the Universe Effects,
I have collected some material and videos.

all this material highlights that the Universe Effects are above all
Gabriel Cyr and Francis Grégoire, two artists that I am sure
will capture the attention of many in the coming years,
but this does not mean that the rest of the formation is irrelevant
in the realization of their compositions.

...... From the previous first their album "In the Haze that Surrounds Us"

....... At the tests carried out at home
to participate in the show with Karcius and Aeva
at the bar Le Magog in Sherbrooke (Quebec)

...... At Live Session at LARC Studio

The Synchronal Steps Cover of Francis Grégoire , Stéphane Roy , Dominic Tapin and Gabriel Cyr

...... The Tarkus Cover of Antoine Baril with Francis Grégoire,
and Christian Pacaud

...... The Saturday Morning Arcade Shooter Cover with
Antoine Baril,
Francis Grégoire,
Gabriel Cyr,
Christian Pacaud

...... To the tribute of Gabriel Cyr to some
of the great rock solos guitar from 1980 to 1984.

...... Until the proclamation of Gabriel Cyr in London
as best guitarist of the year 2018 with in the jury
Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Mark Tremonti


Name:  in-the-haze-that-surrounds-us-g.jpg
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Size:  85.3 KB

Against the Influent (5:33)
Equilibrium (9:25)
Tormented (7:29)
The Artifact (7:34)
In the Haze that Surrounds Us (9:25)
Lost in Time Trilogy (30:28)
I. Entropy (8:54)
II. Lost in Time (8:02)
III. Out of the Darkness (13:32)

Released: February 25, 2015
Produced by: Universe Effects
Recorded & Mixed by: Antoine Baril (Hemisphere Studio / Wild Studio)
Mastered by: Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios)
Cover: Daniel Bérard

In the Haze That Surrounds Us full album

Universe Effects - Francis & Gabriel Rehearsal

May 6th 2015
Here's a video showcasing Francis and Gabriel practicing technical
parts of our songs for our upcoming show with Karcius and Aeva
at the bar Le Magog in Sherbrooke (8th of May 2015).
a small stage where many metal groups perform in all its
variations (from heavy to prog to jazz)


Universe Effects - The Artifact Live Session at LARC Studio

Universe Effects - In the Haze That Surrounds Us -
Live Session at LARC Studio

ELP Tarkus Cover; Antoine Baril, Christian Pacaud, Francis Gregoire


The Synchronal Steps Alex Argento Cover

Music composed by Alex Argento

Keyboards: Francis Grégoire
Electronic drum set: Stéphane Roy
Bass: Dominic Tapin
Brousseau Guitar: Gabriel Cyr

Francis Gregoire - Entropy (keyboard solo)


Produced at
Hemisphere Studio, Quebec City, QC, Canada
between september and december of 2018
Music composed by Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth
Taken from the album
Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth
Saturday Morning RPG Original Soundtrack
Original song: Battle Scene
Alternate version:
Saturday Morning Arcade Shooter (Feat: Jake "Virt" Kaufman)

Saturday Morning Arcade Shooter –
Antoine Baril,
Francis Grégoire,
Gabriel Cyr,
Christian Pacaud

Gabriel Cyr Guitarist
Great Guitar Solos // A Trip in the 80's Part 1 (1980-84)

Back in Black - AC/DC (1980)
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne (1980)
YYZ - Rush (1981)
Rosanna - Toto (1982)
Beat it - Michael Jackson (1982)
Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan (1983)
The Trooper - Iron Maiden (1983)
Fade to Black - Metallica (1984)
Hot for Teacher - Van Halen (1984)
Jump - Van Halen (1984)

from MusicRadar

Published 9 Oct 2018
Since April, we’ve been on the hunt for the best amateur guitarists
around the world, to see who should be crowned Guitarist of the Year 2018. The live final was held at the UK Guitar Show on Saturday 29 September.
Hundreds of entry videos were submitted, before standout performances
were sent to star judges Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Mark Tremonti.
The three finalists were then judged at the show itself by Total Guitar, Guitarist, Guitar Techniques and MusicRadar editors, as well as
Simon McBride. Gabriel Cyr was crowned the winner
at the PRS-sponsored event.
In addition to the prestigious title, Gabriel walked away with a
beautiful PRS USA Custom 24 in McCarty Sunburst and a one-year
Ernie Ball string endorsement, among other fantastic prizes.

Guitarist of the Year 2018 winner Gabriel Cyr


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