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Re: DRH.127 - I Guess Nobody's Lonely Anymore

I hope every one likes the Hot Club of Cowtown tune... It was originally written for a male singer, but Elena James (the female singer of HCC) has modified it for a female singer. It is a fun tune. The band is awesome - a three piece - with no drums - upright, slap bass, Fiddle, & guitar. They are an Austin, TX based band that plays Texas Swing (in the mode of Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys), Gypsy music (in the mode of Django Reinhardt) and their own compositions as well. I have seen them live 3 or 4 times here in the Austin area, and every time they put on a GREAT show.

Regards from Texas,

P.S. Thanks 'Spaz for listening and agreeing to play them!!
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