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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

Intelligent Quotient

Two tracks to be previewed by RESISTANCE
from the Night Of The Prog Festival

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.... waiting for the official release of RESISTANCE…. thanks to the doubts of Mike Holmes that before every release of official album wants to control the response of the public to adopt any changes in the track or in part of it. he gave us the opportunity to hear something in preview
I found 2 tracks from the next album ... An A Missile is the opening track of the album
The second track has not been identified and it is perhaps the one on which Holmes still wants to make some changes ……

.... More than a month ago the IQ had released a demo of their new album with 20 seconds of each track that I listened to obtaining a very favorable judgment…. I wanted to publish this link too ... But they must have taken it off ... maybe Holmes had doubts even on some mini tracks of 20 seconds ... surely very soon they will release it again to help the pre order and the sale of Resistance

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IQ - "A MISSILE" (an unpublished piece at the time of the capture
from their album "Resistance" to be released in late September 2019.)

New Song from upcoming Album Resistance

These videos were recorded at the Night Of The Prog Festival, Loreley 19.07.2019

.... A word of advice ... it's better to listen at moderate volume ...
to better appreciate the various instruments ...
being a live recording of non-professional quality


Also interesting is this mix of fragments from one of their last concerts at the Night Of The Prog Festival

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*** Photos of Night of the Prog 2019 from …. RRcTZHRnFLdldpMHZIR3BQZjNsOHpB...

Good Listening

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