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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

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Finally the duration of the Resistance tracks

Songs / Tracks Listing

CD 1 (52:58)
1. A Missile (6:40)
2. Rise (6:49)
3. Stay Down (7:55)
4. Alampandria (3:48)
5. Shallow Bay (6:21)
6. If Anything (6:03)
7. For Another Lifetime (15:22)

CD 2 (55:39)
1. The Great Spirit Way (21:45)
2. Fire and Security (5:26)
3. Perfect Space (8:33)
4. Fallout (19:55)

Total Time 108:37

Line-up / Musicians

- Peter Nicholls / vocals
- Mike Holmes / guitar
- Neil Durant / keyboards
- Tim Esau / bass
- Paul Cook / drums

Resistance Album – IQ

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Review by friso

“English neo-progressive rock spear-header IQ has been furthering the genre in the 21th century with much acclaim. Sound-wise the band hasn't changed much since ' The Seventh House', but on this album the band has finally revolutionized their composition style, arrangements and production. The symphonic layering by Neil Durant has this adult feel, reminding me of 'Tilt' era Scott Walker or 'Blackstar' era Bowie ' yet drenched in a Bladerunner like delicate sci-fi universe. Somehow this album sounds like a collaboration of the band IQ and... well a new 'force' that can look beyond its songs, its verses, its solo's and its refrains. Because of this 'force' the band has also given new meaning to the prog epic. On 'Resistance' a prog epic isn't just a multi- song. Don't take me wrong ' I really like a track like 'The Narrow Margin' ' but on this album the longer tracks really make sense from a songwriting point of view. Bare with me. Like a in a small song, where a bridge can add to strengthening the final refrain ' IQ manages to intelligently intervene and keep the song growing towards that final refrain. Furthermore, the first cd, which is 'the album', flows like a continues experience. Almost like a movie, including some modern cinematic sound-effects. What also becomes apparent after a few spins is the absence of leaning on catchy refrains, which gives the music a modern feel ' at times almost hinting at modern classical music.
Peter Nicholl's voice doesn't allow for much variation, but because of the distinctive atmospheres of the songs his performances do tick the box every time. This material doesn't need catchy line A or B, it needs a performer. The rhythm section of the band has found a perfect balance between fusion styled sophistication and adding to the effectiveness of the material. Guitar player Mike Holmes somehow comes off as a bit left behind in the old IQ with his Marillion/Floyd styled guitar solo's. On acoustic guitar his contributions strike me as more imminent ' like on 'Perfect Space'. If the band ever aims to top this album in the future ' which would prove extremely difficult I guess - the electric guitar will need to contribute in more diverse ways.

Now about that second disc, which I will describe in a bit more detail because most reviewers will probably focus on the first disc. If that were an album; the 22 minute 'The Great Spirit Way' alone would suffice for an indispensable purchase. Personally, I think this song is placed right after the rather dark and soundtrack-like first disc because it matches best stylistically. 'Fire and Security' is a more traditional IQ piece ' albeit a bit bleak - with a balled type opening, some darker passages and a melancholy ending section with some strong lead guitars. On 'Perfect Space' the band drives its jazz/fusion influences to the max, which will perhaps turn of some ' but I like it. The second epic, the 20 minute 'Fallout' is a bit more relaxing, abstract and dreamy. In its second halve the band experiments beautifully with sophisticated chord progressions, which also allows for Holmes' most interesting guitar solo.

Conclusion. Without a doubt this will become the progressive album of 2019 and I hope it will inspire a lot of other neo-progressive bands to elaborate and expand on their Marillion/Genesis/Floyd roots and take the music to a next level of artistry. This album will probably outshine the nostalgic likings of many of its listeners, but it may also attract listeners that have previously written off the neo-prog genre. Can't wait to receive my 3LP version of this grand album.”

“Without a doubt this will become the progressive album of 2019”
waiting to confirm these great impressions by listening to the entire album

A Missile the official version of the album
Much more effective than the live version,
listen to night of prog, london and stockholm

Good Listening


"There seems to be some malevolent, anti-prog force in the ether recently! As you may have gathered we’ve had quite a few problems with the pressing of the new album ‘Resistance’. The idea was that all the pre-orders would be safely delivered a week before the official release date, but unfortunately that date had to be amended because we ran out of time in the studio and had to spend another two weeks mixing. After that we went ahead and pressed an initial run of 10,000 CDs only to find that there was a problem with disc one and they ALL had to be repressed! We discovered this the day AFTER the launch gig in Islington where we had already sold a considerable amount of CDs (if you bought a copy there we’re happy to replace disc one for you if you get in touch via the GEP site).

On the vinyl side of things we were HOPING that we’d have the vinyl delivered to us by now, and naturally delivered out to all the pre-orders, but of course the studio had a knock on effect with that pressing and, as you may know, the world of vinyl pressing moves veerry slooowly indeed… we’re still waiting for delivery of the vinyl and will do all we can to make sure we get them out to everyone as quickly as possible.

So, apologies to all of you who have pre-ordered Resistance - we’ve had a few ‘enquiries’ about the delay and we do understand how frustrating it is! We’ve heard that all the CD pre-orders have now been posted (with the shiny new repressings) and once the vinyl arrives we’ll make a special effort to get it out to you, barring the odd cup of tea of course.

The new, official, official release date for the CDs is now 11th October (yes, still 2019…) and the vinyl release date is, er, when we get ‘em (we’re told ‘mid to late October’ by the pressing plant)."


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