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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

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To confirm the fact that Mike Holmes loves to try new songs in concert
to check the reaction of the audience and if necessary make changes,

I found 4 songs present
in the new album Resistance

2 performed in July 2019 at the Night of the Prog already reported previously

"A Missile" and

which we can now say is "From Another Lifetime" last track of the first CD

And 2 at the 2017 Christmas show

which we can now say is "Fire and Security" second track of the second CD


which we can now say is "Fallout" the last track of the second CD

it is certainly the track that has undergone the most changes and
in a very positive sense becoming the best track of the album

Needless to say, the definitive versions are far superior to these tests by Mike Holmes

Resistance also removes any doubts about Neil Durant, his contribution was remarkable and consecrates him an essential element of this group.

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