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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

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I have always seen concerts in large structures or at most in large theaters ... It is the first time that I see a concert in a shed (measured with google earth ... I didn't bring the meter from home ... ) 30 meters long and 16 meters wide which must be removed in length 7, 8 meters for the stage and at least 4.5 meters in width for the bar, the remaining space occupied by tables and less than 1000 people,

a place where you can eat well ... A place where the previous reviews have been read, no one has ever complained about how the music is heard and I can also confirm it ... apart from the first 3.4 minutes ... maybe the result of a pre-concert soundcheck made with the empty room ... with some corrections the sound has become excellent

in addition to the non-existent distance between the public and the group… .. all extremely positive things…. And yet I still don't understand what IQ are doing in a room with these characteristics

... a place that has a calendar of events mainly occupied by Covers of famous groups and emerging groups…. a group like IQ with a long discography full of creativity and quality should be more ambitious and not claim to be "extremely lazy".

In Rome for example if they were to be allergic to large premises there is a structure
built specifically for music and it is the Parco della Musica Auditorium
with about 3000 seats with exceptional acoustics and certainly more
suited to their value ... in some time the Jethro Tull
and the Van der Graaf Generator will use it.

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The concert took place following the schedule of the first London concert, skipping a few tracks, playing almost all the songs on the first Resistance CD and returning at the end of the concert beyond 24:00 on stage for just one more track ... unfortunately it certainly has influenced the fact of having to do another concert the next day in Milan

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As for the album resistance, I recommend listening to it several times before judging it ... it is the classic prog album that does not immediately take place, it happened to me as to many other people reading so many other reviews and the change of opinion occurred for many starting from listening to Rise while for me and others from fallout to appreciate then everything else ... two tracks for me are below the other "if Anything" and "Fire and Security" but maybe for others the judgment will be different

IQ ... 1993 ... 1997 ... 2000 ... 2004 ... 2009 ... 2014 ... 2019.

It may take another 4 or 5 years before the next album is released and the album title could also be interpreted as an invitation to the Resistance for their fans

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