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Re: Intelligent-Quozient

A Pleasant Surprise

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I was looking for a place to listen to the live version of "Further Away"
from the new "A Show of Resistance" curious how Neil Durant
had colored it with his keyboards rich in mellotron and atmospheres

Instead, I encounter a long track from an album
I didn't know existed "Tales From A Dark Christmas"

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An album initially thought by the IQ as purchasable only in their
Christmas Shows which they care in particular that they punctually
re-propose every year where they often also experiment with
new songs and instead after it was released not as a studio album
but as a collection album but quality is very high

and "The Dark Christmas Suite" 20:31 is a track that should be
highlighted and not hidden in the collection series


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In my opinion, yet another excellent long track of IQ
less and less identifiable in Michael Holmes alone as the
predominant instrumentalist but increasingly a true group and
I think that the entry of Neil Durant has contributed a lot to this change.

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