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I've been listening to these lately:

Ptarmigan - Ptarmigan. This CD was put out in the mid seventies and is quite West Coast trippy. Was happy to find it for purchase online because we all used to move in the same circles in Victoria BC, in fact they used to play these tunes at parties.

Satellite - Evening Games. Their latest release. Am a big Wojtek Szadkowski fan so will lap up anything he puts out. Good album, but like "A Street between Sunset and Sunrise" better.

Collage - Basnie. Put out in 1990 this is Wojtek's first band's first album. Was curious about this first release sung entirely in Polish. Great early roots sound of Collage's magnificent 1994 album "Moonshine". That's the first one I heard, and it remains in my top ten.

The 6th's - Hyacinths and Thistles. A pretty album of songs by Stephen Merrit, sung by various artists including Odetta, Gary Numan and Bob Mould! The first song "As you Turn to Go" is quite Nick Drake-ish and on that strength I bought the CD, but it's all relaxing and good. Good driving music, and as I tend to listen mostly in the car, this works for me.

Mike Rutherford - Smallcreep's Day. Tried and true and never get sick of listening to this one. This was the jewel in Mike's crown as Voyage of the Acolyte was Hackett's. Excellent and always stands the test of time with me.
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