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Re: Favorite Forum Style?

Originally Posted by RogorMortis View Post
I don't remember what I voted for but it was certainly not this.

Avian it's awful, it's too dark , too much contrast and not using the screen width. You've gone off the plank here. It hurts my eyes as it too violent compared to the other pages one comes from. Expect a revolt

Holy crap, it's just a forum style. How can a dark forum hurt someone's eyes? Violent? I would think that the the contrast would make it easier to read, not harder.

I couldn't develop Olias any further, since its development has been abandoned by the author - too many changes were needed to bring it into the new vbulletin. Genesis Dark was OK, no real reason we couldn't switch to it instead of spacevision, but I thought i'd give this a try.
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