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Re: New Music Additions

Originally Posted by mossy View Post
The blue text in IE that we were discussing this morning vax, only recently showed up ..say in the past 24 hours. Before that, the text for the latest editions was the same as all the other text.
OK. When Avian first put up the new site he urged people to use FireFox and for good reason too; M$IE is hopelessly brain damaged. The newer M$IE V7 seems to work well with the site. All that I can do is suggest that you download it or get FireFox. Bmithra must be using a newer version of M$IE. He seems to be having no problem with the web site.

Older versions of browsers, all browsers, are likely to have issues because new web features/standards are being introduced all the time.

FWIW, I would LOVE to get rid of the ugly scroll bars on the page; however, M$IE's event model is flawed. Thus, I cannot deploy the code I would like to to rid the page of the scroll bars. If I could, you would simply click and drag on a section of the screen to scroll it.
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