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Re: Web Site Backup Window

Originally Posted by VAXman View Post
Let me fill all of you in...

I attempted to implement a Gallery module this past week. I installed it but it complained about myriad missing libraries. I installed a great many that were called out in complaint. As a result, the Who's Online is once again functional!!! However, I had to uninstall the Gallery for now because it seemed to be causing some web site issues and because I could never get gd, which the Gallery module requires, integrated.

The big problem causing this is that the linux OS version on the web site server is OLD by software standards. The installed linux release is 2005! We're 4 years hence, an eternity in the software world.

I have a Dr. app't tomorrow (Mon. 16 Feb) which will carve a good bit of time out of the day. The kids are home from school too for observance of President's Day. I'm not certain yet what is on the table for Tuesday; however, I was thinking about taking the web site down on Wednesday (because it's request free and thus, moonies won't complaint too profusely about their beloved request ability being denied them) to perform a backup and then perform an upgrade of the OS.

Another alternative is to keep the web site up, after performing an image backup of the entire site, and do the upgrade on the backup copy of the system. If I do go this route, I will remove forum, news, and other posting so that the database is maintained in the same condition as in the backup copy. The shout box could remain accessible as well as the request features should the update run longer than anticipated.

Having this site remain as 24x7 as possible has caused a lapse in some really needed system maintenance. I'm trying to keep this community as accessible is possible and I will attempt to do so during the upgrade process.
I would venture to say just take it down and do the most thorough process. Sounds way too complicated to work around keeping it up for a few extra hours. We will all understand. As long as the stream's unaffected, of course.

You da man, Vax. Thank you for your constant vigilance and sacrifices. (but I know you love doing it.)

Happiness is a worn pun!
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