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Exclamation Moon O'poll 2011

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is the time of year when the poll is to be set into motion and to your vote towards the best albums of the year 2011. This is the eight Moon Poll and is now officially open!

The principle of the 2011 vote is still the same - choose 10 albums and rank them from 1 to 10. I will be setting up a list of albums based on the albums placed in the library from 2011 until December 1st plus a few more. This list can be expanded with suggestions from fellow members. The album list will this time also include live releases. To each album there is a number so all one has to do is to put the ranking and the album number in a PM and send it to RogorMortis
This year we would also like you to add any album you think was a great disappointment. The reason we would like this information is for the Moon O'Poll show which will be broadcast LIVE on the evening of January 28th 2012.

Yes, this year we are trying something different with a live show and the live show will be hosted by yours truly and Keithie together with Jam Forte. The Poll show itself will last 3 hours but we will be broadcasting before that where will be playing the best albums from past years, 2011 music and having some fun with you all - including blackmail. This is not to be missed. But it does demand that as many AM members as possible cast their votes. More details will be forthcoming.

Voting will start next week and continue until the New Year. Remember to vote for the best 10 albums in 2011 using our list and ranking these from 1-10.

Remember to vote. We will be monitoring and sending out reminders. If that doesn't help then I'll be forced to use the services of Baron Von Proghausen who has ways of making you vote.......

Any questions and queries are welcome and we will get back to you asap.

Your host
Rogor Mortis
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