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Re: LMLU doesn't display in FF 4

Originally Posted by TheFish View Post
I just had an interesting happening with ff 4.0, windows XP pro, and all my shit has been upgraded cause i went through all that crap to get my new mp3 gizmo to work.

Here's what happened. I was reading this thread, I hit my back arrow to return to the home page. the section with the flags disappeared but was now occupying the latest releases and the AM time map. The recently payed area(about 4 songs old) was in the opinion section. Actually, I kinda like it. Keeps me guessing. Not. Whatever, If I knew it was a beta I'd have never used it. I may hunt down an older version and go back. I don't do betas as a rule.

Ok, talk amongst yourselves.
FF 4 isn't really in beta anymore. The worst it can be is release candidate, but I think Mozilla now considers it GA.

Today I uninstalled Java again and cleaned up the registry using CCleaner and the rebooted. I did this because Vax said the site doesn't need Java, and in fact I can now confirm the LMLU displays fine.

Thanks for your help, Vax and Dale.
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