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Re: NMOM #48 July 4 2011

here is the list-O-bands for this weeks 4th of July Gala event. Showcasing American Progressive\Jazz\Fusion bands.

For all 5 of you that will be here Monday!

The playlist will resemble this order. (somewhat)

Star Spangeled Banner
Kansas - Song For America - Two For The Show
Lucas White Edsey - Liberty - LWE
STYX - Hallelujah Chorus - The Serpent is Rising
Iluvatar - Haze - Children
Spock's Beard - Kamakasi - X
FZ Whatever Happened To all The Fun In The World? - Shiek Yerbouti
FZ - Rat Tomago - Shiek Yerbouti
Planet X - Europa - Universe
Cairo - Conception - Cairo
RTF - Beyond the 7th Galaxy - Where have I Known You Before
Cosmosquad - Funk'em - Squadrophenina
Disconnect - Obscurous - The Visitor
Starcastle - To the fire Wind -1st
STYX Man Of Miracles - Man Of Miracle
Helmet Of Gnats - Yesterday's Brain - 1st
Happy The Man - I forgot to push it - Crafty Hands
Dixie Dregs - Travel tunes - What if
Niacin - Bullet Train Blues - Blood Sweat and Beers
Ad Infinitum - Reprise -1st
Glass Hammer - One King - Lex Rex
Montrose - BrainDance - Music From Here
Majestic - forgot which one
Dean Watson - The Push - Unsettled
Mars Hollow - In your hands - 1st
Journey - Nickel And Dime - Next
Fibonacci - Work In Progress - Numerology
Utopia - Sunburst Finish - RA

Happy 4th to all the American Moonies! Everyone else, forgive the indulgence. You can dance on Americas grave when it happens.

Your country's music is coming. (headache city)

Prog on!
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