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Re: What CD's Are you Playing RIght Now? Top 5

What Dr. Dot is listening to when he isn't listening to the Moon:
  • Genesis - Foxtrot
    For the longest time, I was a Collins era Genesis fan. Then someone grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, sat me down, and said "Shut up and listen." I haven't been the same since.
  • Marillion - Misplaced Childhood
    One of the better Fish era Marillion discs, though I have to admit that I like ALL of the Fish era Marillion.
  • Dr. Dot's Musical Extravaganza - The Longs
    My own personal compilation CD that I take out whenever I'm going to be doing some serious coding and need some serious coding music -- that music that puts me in the groove and tells everyone that disturbing me would be a good way of losing a finger or perhaps an entire arm. It includes such greats as Grendel (see a theme here?), The Great Nothing, Mundus Incompertus, and Mr Ten Percent. There'd be more, but that's all I could manage to cram on a CD.
  • Dr. Dot's musical extravaganza, The Shorts
    This consists of shorter classics that give me the same mode that the longs do, only with shorter tracks. This includes Utopia Theme, Peter Gabriel's Blood of Eden and Biko (both of which get me right HERE<-, if'n ya know what I mean, and I think you do). The Bash by Dixie Dregs (that one still makes me dig out the ol' Rebel flag and start screaming for Yankee blood), A couple of the 7/8 tracks from Iluvatar's Children CD, Genesis' Driving the Last Spike and Domino (both Collins era Genesis that I categorically refuse to give up), Supper's Ready from Foxtrot, and Karn Evil #9, first movement (as they had intended, not hacked up) and Hocus Pocus by Focus.
  • The Tide Turns by Blezqi Zatsaz

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