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This Fall: Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, Quebec


The fall schedule will be posted to the website ( sometime tonight. The countries I'll be doing are Yugoslavia (6 parter), Netherlands (4 parter), Israel, Mexico (2 parter), Canada (Quebec 2 parter).

I decided to hold off on Estonia, Bulgaria, and Russia/former USSR until I can do them well. Right now any show I do from these places would suffer from my lack of access to the really obscure stuff. I know people who have that stuff, so it makes sense to wait and do them at the right time. That might be in the Spring or next Summer.

I also held off on England for now to do the Netherlands instead. There are a couple of reasons for this, but suffice it to say there's a lot of great Dutch prog and hopefully you guys will like it. I have most of the best loved stuff and a good chunk of the rarities, so now seems to be the time to do the series.

For Yugoslavia things are finally right. I have pretty much all the cool stuff that I know exists from that country. Six parts will be stretching things a bit, but I don't anticipate having to return to the country afterwards. The breakdown will be: 2 shows on Serbia(Yugoslavia), 2 shows on Slovenia, 1 show on Croatia, and 1 show for both Macedonia and Bosnia (they are both too small to get their own shows).

Mexico and Israel were previously promised and I am about a medium-sized mail order away from being able to do both, so look for them in the November time frame.

Lastly, as recently requested I will do a couple more shows on Kebek-Rock, likely one on Quebec City bands and one I haven't really decided yet. Should be fun. Since I didn't play VEBB in my last series on Canada maybe this will be a convenient time to plug my own label (conflict of interest alert!). Haha.

Anyway, I'm optimistic for the Fall. Should be some good shows. Hope you guys can tune in.

Someone get me a ladder.
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