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Talking Re: Majestic - FREE Download

Hello-Jessica Rasche here (Majestic's Vocalist)

I wanted to come in today and say thank you to Fish and everyone in the chat room and those who listened to the show, in particular, to Majestic's music. I regret that I was unable to chat with you all.. I some how locked myself out of the server and never was able to get back in.

However, I did hear the entire program from Yes to Majestic, and I have to say that Fish you did yet another oustanding job! Wonderful show as always! I heard some very beautiful music and I look forward to hearing more of it as I dive into this world of progressive goodies a bit more!

And my dearest Fish... we don't let friends drive our tour bus.... friends get to sit along side us on the bus.

Take Care-
Yours in lurking...
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