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Re: Great to have AM back, what happened?

There stilll is an on-going DDoS attack affecting more than AuralMoon; it's affecting my entire network!

AuralMoon was down from the evening of 26 April through mid-day of 27 April. I will not elaborate here on what was done to take it down because I do not want any nefarious types that frequent here to know what does and what does not work to affect Aural Moon's operations. Suffice to say, I was out the morning of 27 April which prolonged the outage. I was able to easily revert the issue that caused the site to be down. I then immediately made another backup of the site to insure that there's a way back home if something worse should occur.

From time to time and I don't understand why they'd want to target an internet radio station but they do the Aural Moon server has come under attack. In the past, the hackets got into the site and munged a number of the key files that govern the web site. This latest outage was not caused by any over-reaching access to the web site. The culprit did not compromise any files or garner any elevated privilege status which could have jeopardized the site far worse than it was. I'm more than willing to speak to anybody that really wants to know but I will not publish here any details.
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