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It's a shame to see so many Good Prog. Bands go down the tubes.

Bardens left Camel for Van Morrison. He said it was too much work.

Rush (I was never a big Rush Fan) releasing Roll The Bones? Rush was good for Prog. in the fact they crossed rock'n rollers over.

Yes surviving by releasing short single hits.

How does Kansas go from Journey From Meriabronn to Vinyl Confessions?

Genesis from Foxtrot to Invisible Touch???

Even ELP's Later CD's has songs I deleted from my music library (Like Black Moon).

In the Old days, Prog. bands broke up only to form new Prog bands, now they just turn Rock or even worse (Like Genesis) Pop!
When you get used to making big bucks it makes you want more at any cost. Do you really thing that they thought they are bringing their musical talents to a new level and expanding their musical horizons. No! They sold out and got lazy! We are too small of an audience to garner the attention of the record companies that runs the money machine. So why put out the effort composing arranging and practicing complicated musical scores when you can just tap out a 4/4 ditty, write some meaningless words (we will exclude Yes from that comment hehe) and have a hit single.

For good Prog., you can't look at the big names you need to look for the new names.
There is one thing I like about being a poor, mediocre musician. No one asks me to compromise my integrity in my music.

So when looking at who is a prog band and who has just done some prog songs...Might I suggest that Genesis is a Pop band that did some good Prog songs way back when....

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