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Reason for genres. = So that you can find what you like easyer.

Therefore you need to be album-specific rather than band-specific genres damnit.

Powerslaves idea makes my head short-circuit. I allready have a hard time keeping up with the terms. If you are to make more terms to find your music easyer you need to define them better.

Or better yet, skip that whole idea and log on to the net find a discussionboard like this one and ask "Can you help me find music that have that and that property?" where one is very likely to get a reply "I would recomend that and that for those properties. And try that too just for kicks." And then you say "Thanks!" and go request mentioned bands for airing at Auralmoon to see if you might want to buy it.

And i think it's somewhat silly to let genrename dictate what is the best music for you. I like Queens movie music very much.

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