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Re: question

Originally posted by Rick and Roll
What is your perspective being in Sweden on the Flower Kings? I will see them both in a large setting and an intimate setting next month, and saw them at a bar last year. They are just incredible.

Can you tell me a little about how they are perceived there?


P.S. Nice use of the word damnit.
Thank you.

I am afraid i can't really give you a qualified answer to the question about The flower kings. I pretty much have secluded myself from public opinion the last years. But i think that even if Flower Kings is a bandname most swedes have heard few know or care what they play. "The flower kings? I don't know, just an old band." Sort of. I don't think that many are even aware that they are Swedish.

I remember what i thought about them myself before i found progrock, (and hence got more familiar with who they were and what they play.) "The flower kings? Everyone seems to know about that old band but yet you don't get the feel that it is a big famous classic. Strange."
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