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Moon O'poll 2012 Started

It's time again to vote for the album of the year. The best 20 albums will aired on the show on January 12th at 9 pm GMT which will, like last year, be LIVE. The show is due to start at 9pm but we will of course go on the air much earlier where we will be playing a few of the other 2012 albums. The show will be of course repeated if technology works.

Look up the ALBUM OF THE YEAR list under STATION NEWS. Here you will find a list with all 2012 albums from AM plus others including albums from December 2011 which didn't make last year's list.

Just pick the ten numbers and post these in a PM or a mail to me by January 8th. Don't worry I'll be plugging all the regulars to make sure they vote. We need a good turn out this year with so many albums released. Don't waste this oppunity to promote the albums you like best..........

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