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Antoine Baril 1711 Fantastic medley

I recommend those who do not know Antoine Baril

to listen to this fantastic Medley

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Antoine Baril .... Multi-instrumentalist of considerable value ...

Deep admiration for his musical talent

I am convinced that if the Genesis would only listen to the audio of this medley they would exchange it for their own track

Excellent also the choice of the pieces included in the medley interpreted, mostly with original instruments

Played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Antoine Baril
Filming and video editing by Antoine Baril
Produced at Hemisphere Studio, Quebec, QC, Canada

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Description Antoine Baril from the Hemisphere Studio website

“With over 20 years of live experience and more than 10 years in recording and producing, Antoine Baril is known for his passion and devotion regarding his musical projects and the people with which he works.
An accomplished musician and multi-instrumentist, Antoine acquired extensive experience as a drummer while he toured North America, playing in some of the most legendary venues. Antoine also worked several years as a stage carpenter, technical director, and a light and sound technician. In addition, aided by multimedia studies, Antoine developed skills that apply the latest software technologies to all domains related to music such as graphic design and web programming.These experiences and skills make Antoine Baril an outstanding resource person for a professional production and a perfect coach to make the right choices to realize the most ambitious artist's challenge.”

Antoine Baril was a drummer in the Augury and From Dying Suns groups and as a guitarist for the Contemplator group ....
and other participations but always in the heavy metal genre ....

Music not playable and very similar to an annoying noise ....
Most of his studio's clients are heavy metal.

Antoine Baril declares that his main musical instrument is the Drums but has high capacities in many other musical instruments ...

I understand that he has to frequent the heavy metal world to support the recording studio's future ... but I think he should try the progressive rock genre keyboards in a group and start producing songs always with his technique of multi-instrumental where it is exaggeratedly capable ...
I'm sure it would have a significant positive feedback

Try Antoine ...

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I also recommend these two videos

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