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Re: What CD's Are you Playing RIght Now? Top 5

Ahhh, the handiness of i-tunes downloads is great, but adds up quickly! Just downloaded -

Opeth - Damnation - so far I think it's great, looking forward to listening a dozen or so times
Maserati - Language of Cities - listened to it once, and think it was well worth the purchase !
Sieges Even - Paramount - am wearing out my i-pod on it
Frost - Milliontown - very good
Glass Hammer - Culture of Ascent - best of last year
Porcupine Tree - FOABP, Nil Recurring, & We Lost The Skyline (live in-store fanclub freebie)
Future Kings of England - Fate of Old Mother Orvis - great, like old Floyd (but not as weird), a shame it's not on the Moon
First Band From Outer Space - Only Here For The Space Music - much better when the singer is silent, but not bad otherwise
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