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Re: New Music Additions

Originally Posted by KeithieW View Post
I have to say peeps that VAX has done an amzing job in getting the "Latest music library updates" added to the home page.

You can search for Bands/album titles (Firefox users see ctrl+f post above - Mac users ask ) then you can link directly to the requst page for that album by just clicking on it.

A tip for Firefox users:

If you right click on the album and "open in new tab" you can request and then go back to the same place that you were at before just by closing that tab. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks again VAX.....that is one great enhancement.
Thanks Keith...

The Latest Music Library Updates (LMLU) is, for all intents and purposes, complete. I tweaked a bit of the code this morning. JT, vt, et al. playing with it last even found a slight limitation but, since it was late, I fixed it this morning.

The initial frame now looks back 21 days. You can, of course, use the history draw-bar I've provided to look back: 1,2 or 3 weeks, 1,2,3 or 6 months and even as far back as 1,2 or 3 years! A history of the growth of and addition to the Aural Moon music library. However, if there are no additions for a period (1 month) this will display a blank. I will work on that today. I hope to have the page always display the last/latest AM update even if that update was 6 months ago. I'm sure Jim's compulsion for music will make this extra bit of programming moot but as a programmer I'm inclined to program for the boundary conditions even if they are never met.

As Keith has already reported, you can mouse-over the artists and albums in the list and click on them. This will take you to the familiar Aural Moon request page. If you click on the artist link, you are taken to the request page and shown all of the albums for the artist. You can then drill down to the tracks and request. If you click on the album link, you are taken immediately to the request page and album track information. Request away. Hopefully, this new web page feature will foster more requests from the newly added material.

If there's anything else you moonies can suggest, let me know. You should also thank Jim and Museman for this new feature. When I saw that Jim had to manually type in the large list of additions contributed by Museman after having to rip, upload and enter into SAM's database, I thought that there just had to be an easier and better way. I hope this LMLU module is the better way.

  1. Collated, by artist, list of newly added music grouped and collated by date added to the Aural Moon music library.
  2. Draw-bar history selector. Look back at the history of the Aural Moon library by:
    • Latest Update
    • 1 Week Ago
    • 2 Weeks Ago
    • 3 Weeks Ago
    • 1 Month Ago
    • 2 Months Ago
    • 3 Months Ago
    • 6 Months Ago
    • 1 Year Ago
    • 2 Years Ago
    • 3 Years Ago
  3. Link to the request function for:
    1. request by Artist
    2. request by Album
  4. Automatic scroll bar if display selection exceeds the vertical window dimension.
  5. Long Artist or Albums are truncated and an ellipsis (...) shown. This keeps the window from requiring/acquiring a horizontal scroll bar.
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