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Re: New Music Additions

Originally Posted by KeithieW View Post
OK Peeps.....forget what I said. that smart Alec VAX has rigged it so that NOW when you click on the band name or album title it opens in a new tab/window automatically.

Remember VAXman....nobody likes a Smart arse.
Well, LMLU has been a work in progress. I installed it yesterday to get a feel for how the moonies felt about it.

There were several issues that I still wanted to address when I left for bed last eve. I handled that this morning.

The display now defaults to the most recent update added to the Library. The draw-bar reflects this as [Latest Update]. This will insure that there will always be something displayed there even if Jim sloughs off on adding music for an extended period -- not likely knowing his voracious appetite for music and the generosity of moonies.

Secondly, clicking on the artist or album will open the request window in a new browser window. If your browser uses tabbed browsing and you have it configured to open new windows as a tab, this is what you will get. The reason behind this is change is two-fold :
  1. Refreshing the main page upon return is no longer necessary making this more bandwidth friendly.
  2. The timer events on the main page will continue to function while you are in the new window (separate or tabbed).
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