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Re: Hackers, Lamers and Script Kiddies

Originally Posted by jtmckinley View Post
First thanks for shutting down the script kiddies VAX, good job.

Originally Posted by jtmckinley View Post
On the other hand, Linux is not a "toy", it's in use in enterprise systems all over the world from embedded systems to mainframes. I'm not trying to start a flame war, but all of Google runs on Linux and it's certainly one of the most heavily used sites in existence and I don't think I've ever seen Google go down, maybe it has, but I use it every day and it works very well. Amazon is now on Linux as well.
Market penetration/application (quantity) does not correlate into quality. McDonald's, by that metric, would be the best food in the universe. We can argue in another thread.

The all or nothing security model wherein one gains all by a shared password is not security nor secure. Such mistakes were made in early OSs -- you know, the ones that existed before Billzebub Gates invented the computer and Al Gore invented the internet -- and more secure follow-ons were born out of the knowledge of those early mistakes. Layer upon that CRapache and then a gazillion lines of obfuscated scripts written by 14 yr. olds patting themselves on the back that what they've created is so cool that the application of sound software engineering principles would be unwarranted and sully their creative juju.

Those reading this need to google "security by/through obscurity". It
is considered a "non-principle" is real security engineering but it is an accept principle in these aforementioned cliques.

NO CODE whatsoever should run on my systems unless I say it should run. Case closed. The problem is trying to explain to people that it doesn't have to be any other way is difficult because they haven't seen it any other way. It's like explaining the color orange to somebody blind from birth. There are concepts out there as revolutionary and evolutionary as the view of the world from Archimedes to Newton and Newton to Einstein.
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