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Angry Re: Patrons... Stand Up And Be Counted

Originally Posted by jrstudioboss View Post
There are lots of names I see in the shout box all the time that aren't on the list... need I say more.
Ok Ok ! Please think before you speak dude! Your statement is a preconceived idea! I'm pretty sure that :
- AM is for some Moonies the only source of prog music ( listen to 'our progrock' is an expensive hobby)
- there are donators ( of bucks, cds) sorry who never claimed to be patrons just because the quality of 128K over 56k doesn't matter.

And last but not least :

People do what they want with the money they have honnestly won .
i don't want to be rude but i must say I never liked 'sermonizers'
Let's prog rules
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