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Re: Jon Anderson interview.

Why should they name themselves something new? The legal aspect of Chris owning the name notwithstanding, it's FOUR members of Yes plus a new singer. That's pretty standard operating procedure for Yes's history.

Should Styx with Young and Shaw not be called Styx because they've got a new singer to replace DeYoung?

Should Journey with Schon and Valory and Cain not be called Journey because they've got a new singer to replace Perry?

This idea that the singer = the band is just wrong, in my opinion. If that was the case then The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is Pink Floyd, but the rest of the albums were some poser band because it wasn't Barrett singing, even though it was largely the same musicians.

This is Yes: Howe, Squire, White, Downes, David.

(not that I'm a huge fan of David, but that IS Yes)
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