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Ange: Culinaire Lingus

I believe that Ange intended the songs "Cadavre Exquis" and "Autour d'un cadavre exquis" to be one long suite. There is the bird singing in between the tunes to unite both parts and the musical theme is similar, going from the song (cadavre exquis) to the musical cresendo of "autour".

Also, metaphorically, Cadavre Exquis is that game where someone says a word, and someone else gives a word related to the first and then someone else gives a word related to the second and so on to continue the chain and see where it leads. Same principle as those cards we used to find in cereal boxes when we were kids that had multiple layers of pictures that were cut up, the fun being changing the parts to make new unusual pictures (say the bottom part of an elephant with the top part of a giraffe...).

That's the way I see it. If you think it makes sense, great; if not, no big deal, both tunes are great. But there is a synergy there when both are heard as a suite, imo.


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