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No - they're talking about the possibility that mp3s (even the ones you use at home) could be required to be licensed. In other words, you'd have to pay for every mp3 that you have on your computer! That hasn't happened yet - but the wind is blowing that way. That's a whole 'nother issue altogether. (We'd be covered by audiorealm if that did happen). (For the record OV technology is a very sketchy technology that's in beta right now, and at the moment does NOT sound better than mp3 - but they're working on it).

We're talking about the RIAA royalties for webcasting sound recordings. Every internet radio station will be responsible for that, incuding In fact, that's the reason original owner Jerry George sold his station - he couldn't deal with the possibility of these new fees on top of everything else. The new owners are based outside the U.S. I believe - I'm not sure what they're going to do regarding licencing - but if their streaming servers are here in the U.S. they'll have to pay those outrageous fees, too - or go in with audiorealm. They could also go with, but it's a similar situation (you have to pay to listen). We're not considering because of their poor service.

As a note, (proggresive metal) and CP Radio (progressive) have already joined the audiorealm network.

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