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This is a new tax - having to pay for broadcast music on the net. This is what we say over here.
Since listening to AM I have bought many CD's that I would not have bought otherwise. In Scandanavia there is no other practical source for progressive rock so listening to AM I have been introduced to new music I did not know existed. If there are more people like me then these greedy bastards in the industry and Congress are making a big mistake, because they will lose money and power in the long run. The pirate industry will still grow with imports flowing in from the Far East ect.
Why can't the politicians except the fact that there must be room for the minorities in our democracy.
The conclusion is that I will pay the $5 if there no other alternative, but then I hope I can try the 128k band to find out how stable it is over here. Others I have triede would not be worth the money.

Peter the Viking, Denmark
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